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Social Norms Surveys Online


Web-based surveys have been designed to support social norms programing in college and secondary school environments. Specific college student-athlete and greek surveys are available to support sub-population programming. Web surveys provide a secure, low cost, rapid data collection solution for social norms programming that provides for greater accuracy through real-time validation. Students can complete surveys in 10-15 minutes.

You can see some examples of features in screen images of our web based surveys below.

Secure and Anonymous Data Environment

One problem with many web-based surveys is that anyone may log in as many times as they like or must enter their name or ID code to take a survey. The HWS Alcohol Education Project surveys secure data entry though timed user accounts. Organizations using our surveys set up a schedule when classes or groups of subjects take the survey. Subjects are given a username and password at that time and run the survey. Accounts expire after the assigned period and will not function before the period. Anonymity is preserved since all subjects are given the same username and password during a given survey session. The screen shot below shows the logon screen that subjects must pass trough before taking the survey. Note also that one may select between English and Spanish versions of the survey.

Questions to Assess ATOD norms and perceptions

Efficient grids are used to simultaneously assess ATOD norms and perceptions. The screen below shows a sample question.

Real-Time Data Validation

One problem with paper surveys is that subjects may enter invalid data. Web-based surveys can validate entries that subjects make and notifiy in real time if the subject makes an error. The screen below shows an example of how invalid percent entries are flagged automatically as subjects fill out the survey.

School Safety and Traffic Safety questions have been integrated into secondary school instruments

Safety items have been added to secondary school instruments to assist schools in social norms programming in these very important areas. Some sample questions are shown below.




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